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The copyright page, which is usually on the back of the title page, contains the copyright statement, library cataloguing information, credits for photography,  design, page layout, and printing, as well as contact information for the publisher and distributor.

The Copyright Statement
In Canada, to register a copyright you  print a copyright statement inside the book. This copyright will be recognized in many countries. The copyright statement includes the copyright symbol () followed by the year and the name of the holder of the copyright (usually the author). For more detailed information visit the Media Awareness Network.

In the United States you can register a copyright by going to the U.S. Copyright Office.

The copyright statement usually goes on the reverse side of the title page.

ISBN number stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a unique identification number that is recognized in 159 countries and territories. Once a number has been assigned to your book, people all over the world will be able to search for the book by that number.

To get an ISBN you need to apply to the ISBN agency in your country. Obtaining an ISBN number is free and you can do it by filling out an online form. You should make this application early in the layout process as the ISBN is needed to apply for CIP data (see below) and this whole process can take several weeks.

In Canada you will need to “join” the Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS) and then proceed to fill out their online form. You'll find them here.

In the United States go to

CIP Data
This is the information that libraries use to catalogue your book. After you have obtained the ISBN number, use it to apply for the CIP data. Obtaining CIP data is a free service.

In Canada, contact the National Library and fill out the form there. In several places you will be asked to attach things like the title page, and the preface, but often these sections of the book will not be ready when you are applying so you can send them later. You should make this application early in the layout process so as not to delay book production.

In the United States contact The Library of Congress.



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