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Distribution includes billing, collecting payment, shipping the books out and also receiving returns from bookstores because bookstores usually have an agreement that allows them to return unsold books for a credit.

Many self-publishers take this on themselves, at least until the job gets too big for them. If you don't have the time, energy, or knowledge to distribute your own books, you can hire a distributor who will charge a commission. An established distributor will give you credibility at bookstores because they feel that through a distributor they are assured of a stable supply.

Sometimes a trade publisher who was not able or willing to take a chance on publishing your book will agree to distribute it once they see the finished product. They will include your book in their catalogue and their sales reps may help promote the book to bookstores.

Some Print On Demand services (see Printing and Binding) also take care of collecting payment and shipping and in this way they are acting as both printers and distributors.



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