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illustration by eve corbelHOW DO I PROMOTE MY BOOK?

Self-publishers agree that promoting their book can be the most difficult and time-consuming part of the whole process. This can be made easier if you are able to give lectures, slide shows or demonstrations where you can also sell your book.

Make sure you mine your local market first. Get the local paper to do a story on you, hold a book launch, get yourself onto community T.V. and radio.

Bookstores are often reluctant to carry self-published books unless you have a distributor (see Distribution) so that they are assured of a stable supply source. But don't limit yourself to bookstores—try your local gift shop, health food store, or new age outlet.

One successful self-publisher promotes her trilogy of children's books by making author-visits to local elementary schools. Another promotes her series of yachting books at boat shows around the world.

Self-publishers can promote and sell their books through Amazon and have Amazon take care of collecting the money and shipping the books. More info is available here. Some bookselling sights only deal with distributors (see Distribution).

Some companies that offer Print On Demand (POD) for order fulfillment (see Printing and Binding), will also promote your book on their website and place the book on the major bookselling websites.



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